king of slack


Doktor Bill T Miller = KING OF SLACK!

KING OF SLACK's DOBBS APPROVED SLACKFILLED HEALING SURGERY, with the help of THE LIVING KEYBOARD OF SLACK. has brought RELIEF to millions, in the form of Anti-Muzick SlackNoise.

Bill T Miller had been abducted by ALIEN NYMPHOS long before he had heard the WORD OF "BOB." As a half human - half alien mutation, he knew that all those Weekly World News alien sex stories are the TRUTH. The first abduction that wasn't erased from BTM's mind, occured during the late 80's while recording the first OBE LP. BTM and bandmates were zapped into a UFO after leaving a Convenient Mart with bags full of sugar-coated GROATCLUSTER munchies. After that OBE ALIEN ORGY experience, BTM was never quite the same again.

Two of the members of OBE were just getting into "BOB" during this era, but BTM just figured it was part of their DEVO obbsession fantasies. BUT, when they came over to the studio the day after the BOBathon DEVIVAL at MASS ART.....the whole "BOB" thang started to seep-in. The THIRD-NOSTRIL blockage and the earlier alien implant started to OOOOOOOZE a little bit! The drummer put a "BOB" head picture on his kick drum and BTM forgot all about "BOB"....still wondering why anyone would want worship that straight-laced suited, tie-wearing, shorted haired slick boy FACE. Those OBE bandmates NEVER did actually JOIN and are STILL UNSAVED.

The EYES and the GRIN keep mutating and drove BTM to actually check out the CHURCH OF THE SUGENIUS written propaganda crapola. Realizing that the SubG Dogma was a parody/tribute/rip-off of some of same sort of Weekly World News Alien Abduction, Firesign Theater laugh-fest, Devo-lution, bad TV, Jimi acid test, POP-CULTURE OVERLOAD that OBE was ALREADY exploiting, the only logical course of action was for BTM to become a part-tme SubG. Since HOUR OF SLACK was syndicated to several radio stations, the OBE Flexi-Disc Single and LP were sent to REV. STANG at the SACRED PO BOX. Rev. Stang, in his infinite wisdom and good taste (or lack of) embraced the OBE LP and played a heap of it on HOUR OF SLACK. The CotSG seemed to be a ready-made audience of people who dig NOISE. (though it only about a FOURTH of "BOB's" FLOCK seems to REALLY completely absolutely LUV NOISE.)

Eventually OBE's altar-ego KINGS OF FEEDBACK, started recording some tunes that directy paid tribute to "BOB." KOF, like OBE was a STUDIO ONLY BAND, eventually a LIVE KOF ACT was created. Even though BTM is THE KING of KINGS OF FEEDBACK, some of the rest of the "band" (all UNSAVED non-SubGs) started to whine once the "BOB" tunes started to become almost half of to the regular KOF Industrial Blues song list.

Doktor BTM-KINGS OF FEEDBACK hosted SLACKFUX DEVIVAL in NYC on NOVEMBER 2, 1995. In preparation KOF learned and butchered several CLASSIC DOKTORBAND ANTIMUZICK SONGS for the SLACKFUX MEDLEY, along with other NOW CLASSIC KOF tunes. THAT GIG was the last time KOF did a LIVE show. The alt.slack newsgroup was in full swing by then and and a cast of ALT.SLACKFUX were summoned. Dr. "KID" Ginsu, Pastor Craig, Will O'Dobbs, Rev Nickie Deathchick, Grand Clavister, Corpse of Legume were all onstage. Even STANG was originally up to appear, but ended up opening for GWAR that nite. POPE DAVID MEYER is of course the POPE OF ALL NEW YORK CITY and although in semi-retirement agreed to appear. Hail Pope Meyer! KOF had done tons of LIVE regular rock club shows, doktoring to the unsaved. BTM had opened up his soul to the anti-bob possession countless times during the song KILL "BOB" just to give the audience a taste pure anti-bob hate. BUT there was never a real-SubGenius Preacher to exorzise/heal/sicken/purge the anti-bob out of BTM at previous KOF gigs. When KOF played KILL "BOB" and and the anti-bob took possession of DOK BTM, MEYER couldn't stand by knowing how dangerous dabbling with the anti-bob can be. He rushed the stage right after the FIRST CHORUS of KILL "BOB"-KILL "BOB"-KILL "BOB"-KILL "BOB" - KILL "BOB" before BTM could even start new usual second first verse and chorus. POPE MEYER cast out the anti-bob driving it from it's stranglehold on BTM.

Now, it is clear....THAT was the MOMEMT of the KING OF SLACK Possession of DOKTOR BTM.

The Void Vortex Soul Opening as the anti-bob LEFT BTM is when the X-ist life force soul-eating alien mutant commando for Jehovah One known to us as the: KING OF SLACK! ....the King Of ALL Slack (who had been tracking BTM since he had been IMPLANTED during the OBE ALIEN NYMPHO ABDUCTION ORGIES.) In a sort of reverse rupture possession, the WALK-IN took over and co-piloted BTM. Since BTM is the KING OF FEEDBACK becoming KING OF SLACK is the logical path.

Now, Doktor BILL T MILLER having the HONOR of being one of the SUBGENIUS CHOSEN ONES....was ALMOST completely taken over, the KING OF SLACK was now in control. Guiding BTM to do "BOB's" WORK, making ony muzick that served "BOB" and filling the BTM SAMPLER full of LIVING SLACK. BTM ventured even further off his original path to walls of platinum records, piles of grammies, nympho groupies and mountains of money. THE KING OF SLACK was calling the shots. The duties were overwhelming, sinking tons of BTM's TIME and DOLLARS into SLACK. (OBE and KINGS OF FEEDBACK would take a back seat, "BOB" was priority!) The X-ist possessed Doktor know as the KING OF SLACK, debuted the now classic X-Day anthem... X-Day's A-Comin' at the Boston Slack Crusades. Under the influence of the X-ist KING OF SLACK personna, BTM was driven to countless hours working on Slack tunes and filling these web pages Tons of Text Spew and SlackSOUND Files (wavs/real audio/mp3s.) KING OF SLACK appeared LIVE at BOTH X-Day Drills and the LAST Boston Devival before X-Day 98. Early 98, a gathering of the SLACKest SubG anti-musicians in the NORTHEAST USA for a SlackSummit at HEADROOM. Dubbed SLACKBANGERS, Dok BTM (under KOS possesion) and BROTHER CLEVE and Rev. D. K. JONES cranked out MORE SlackHITS. "BOB" is LUV - Surgeons For Connie - SlackBang Me Baby - Last Chance For Slack! KING OF SLACK wipped up another SOLO hit Religion as Poison. Sorting though all the SlackSounds the the ultimate SubGenius CD was compiled. The ORGY OF SLACK is the one true Slack CD. IF you are a SUBGENIUS, YOU NEED THIS CD! BTM sweated BLOOD to give the SUBGENIUS YETI MUTANTS this CD. Show yer LUV and SUPPORT. The SLACK YOU GIVE is EQUAL to the SLACK YOU MAKE. Even if you are NOT a SubGenius YOU need this CD!

This CD was released just in time for LAST BOSTON DEVIVAL before X-Day 98, This DEVIVAL included Rev. Stang, King Of Slack, Slackbangers, Dr. Legume and the ONE and ONLY POPE DAVID MEYER. King Of Slack and Pope Meyer united again for the first time since the SlackFux Devival. Meyer even commented how much better BTM performance was. Neither MEYER or BTM realizing that DOKTOR BILL T MILLER was now possessed by the X-ist Soul Walk-In KING OF SLACK.

X-DAY's A-COMIN' - JULY 5, 1998......while others were wondering what would happen at X-Day, KING OF SLACK knew the RUPTURE would be a REALITY for SOME.

This is the message posted to alt.slack:

Date: Wed, 1 Jul 1998 19:04:47 GMT
Organization: KILL "BOB" INC

KING OF SLACK has left the building!

One way or the OTHER the entity know as
will be departing on the SAUCERS!

Bill T Miller may or may not return to
survive in the earthly ruins.

THANX for the SLACK.... luv - KING OF SLACK


At the X-DAY 98 Blowout, KING OF SLACK and the LIVING KEYBOARD OF SLACK spewed forth heaps of HEALING/SICKENING SlackSounds. Helping out Doktors and Preachers and even BOBBIES get MORE SLACK. Some of the highlights of Dok BTM=KOS adventures are:

*Mega-Anti-Muzick Doktor Jam

*Slackbangers (with Rev. D.K. Jones and Stang)

Saturday: Dok BTM gave back-up sidekick SlackNoise:
*Soundtrack for the Battle Of Armageddon
*Popess Lilith
*Andrew the Impaled
*Lascivious Exhibitions Alien X-ist's
......Goddess of Orifices/Goddess of Breasts,Goddess of Appendages
*Janor HyperCleeeeeeezzzz
*Vaginal Bloodfarts
.......... All-Star Doktor band with SternoDox (Bass & Vocals) from Doktors for "BOB" plus Ray Hey (Guitar) and Lafe (One String Bass) from Swingin' Love Corpses.... along with Steve Slack (guitar) and KING OF SLACK (Keyboard SlackSamples) Janor was suppossed to be the LEAD VOCALIST RANTER, but disappeared with the Wacked-Out Nympho who "WON" the Win A Date with JANOR Contest!


Earlier Saturday evening BTM had checked with REV STANG to make sure he would stand-by to help drive the anti-bob out of BTM and croon a duet of the OBE tune YOU RANG, as he had a the previous DRILLS, but with a frantic look of terror he begged off...claiming lack of SleepDrug, but really knowing that this anti-bob possesion was going to be Hardcore, Hard Fucking Core. The mysterious beloved STANG has long been rumoured to have been cloned, possessed, duped and out-right screwed years ago. So, he probably knew that DOKTOR BTM was possesed by the X-ist's Walk-In Entity, now known as KING OF SLACK. Stang disappeared minutes later. The SLACK AUCTION had just started onstage and JANOR was next for his FINAL RANT and then KING OF SLACK was up. Now left hangin' with NO back-up support to purge the anti-bob, BTM searches the crowd looking for a PROFESSIONAL SubG PREACHER or DOKTOR or two with the POWER to PURGE. Spotting Rev. D.K. Jones slacking off, he asked for help. As a SLACKBANGER bandmate and ARISE Synth Wizard, he had the power to heal/sicken and said he would do it IF HE HAD TO, but prefered to SLACK OFF.....suggesting Dr. G. GORDON. GORDON, who scoffed...saying "I DON'T PERFORM." Rev Dave aka DJ SHAVER of OR KILL ME RADIO (also bandmate of BTM's, in the one hit wonder band called THE REALISTICS) said HE WOULD BE THERE. The LEGENDARY SUSIE the Floozy had said the day before that she would purge out the anti-bob with a face full of cleeeevage, but she wasn't anywhere nearby... yet. All of a sudden the one the only JEEEEEEZUS "Freakin' H" Christ pops up (with his KING OF SLACK T-Shirt on) saying I hear ya need some healing?!" PraBOB...Salvation is near!

FAST FOWARD....JANOR takes the stage, BTM leads the crowd in a JANOR, JANOR, JANOR chant and tosses in a SlackSample here and there. Janor delivers a classic HATE rant with bits of the old standby hits and new top of head spew. PraJANOR!

Janor winds up his rant and intros the KING OF SLACK! KING OF SLACK performed ALL the Orgy Of Slack - CD Hits.... Circle Of Slack Ritual, X-Day's A-Coming, Religion Is Poison, Used Slack, You Rang (Duet with Popess Lilith sharing vocals.) And finally.....KILL "BOB" one last time before X-Day 98! KILL "BOB" - KILL "BOB" - KILL "BOB" - KILL "BOB" KILL!!!!!!! Golf club wackin' head spurtin' KILLIN'....SlackAsFUCK! Suddenly, the anti-bob whips out BTM's SubGenius Membership Card, urging the crowd to break out their CARDS. Renouncing "BOB" and The Church of the SubGenius. Next thing ya know the CARD is being lit by a lighter. OTHER SubGs are urged to BURN YER MEMBERSHIP CARD....BURN BABY BURN! The SACRED SPOTTERS can NOT allow this to go on one more second... JEEEEEEZUS "Freakin' H" Christ" - RevDJ Shaver - Susie the Floooooozie, spring into action. SLACK-GANG-BANGing UP on the anti-bob. Susie twirling her tits and blowing up gale force winds to blow out the BURNING CARD. Finally the ant-bob rips up what is left of the CARD. Jeeeezus and DJ Shazer are zapping the THIRD NOSTRIL, almost shorting out the hidden X-ist implant. Meanwhile several of the FAITHFUL in the Crowd of SlackFux, start BURNING THEIR own CARDS. One REVEREND pops-up onstage, his card burstin' into flames. BURN - PURGE - HEAL - SICKEN - KILL! The anti-bob departs, KING OF SLACK still in control of Dok BTM, looks around at the debris and the Crowd of SlackFux, wondering what happened. "YOU DIDN'T ACTUALLY BURN YOUR SUBGENIUS MEMBERSHIP CARDS, DID YOU?" Whipping out the ACTUAL GENUINE OFFICIAL CotSG MEMBERSHIP CARD... "That was my DECOY CLONE MEMBERSHIP, that the anti-bob destroyed." There's only one thing left to do....PRAISE "BOB" - PRAISE "BOB" - PRAISE "BOB" - PRAISE "BOB" - PRAISE "BOB" - PRAISE "BOB" - PRAISE "BOB" - PRAISE "BOB"

.....KING OF SLACK has left the stage! PraKOS!

FAST FOWARD .....6:59 AM July 5, 1998
SugGs drooling, drinking kool-aid, looking for X-ist's Saucer trails in the sky, running around in circles after white limos and wishing they were STILL ASLEEP in their TENTS. THIS IS THE MOMENT SUBGs have been waiting for? DECADES OF SLACK-FOREPLAY. NOW SUBGENIUS MUTANTS will finally get to have a SLACKGAZM?

Stang spews from the pulpit.....and spews and spews.....looking at scribblings DOBBS had bestowed upon him about X-DAY, concluding that the DATE is wrong. The year of the X-DAY RUPTURE is REALLY 8661? (no wonder PHILO was a NO SHOW.) More spew and more the end the ONLY thing that REALLY makes ANY REAL SENSE is:


Now in the midst of all this Slack Frenzy Kaos....the REAL RUPTURE is actually taking place. Select CHOSEN SUBGENIS MUTANTS, who had been IMPLANTED and POSSESSED by X-IST Soul Walk-Ins, were standing by to be RUPTURED back home to the SAUCERS. Leaving their part human-alien-yeti mutant vessels on earth to recharge and wait for their RETURN. KING OF SLACK was RUPTURED knowing that JEHOVAH ONE was waiting to bestow INFINITE REWARDS and HONORS of the HIGHEST ORDER of SLACK for a job well done. When the KING OF SLACK was sent down to WALK-INTO the SOUL of DOK BTM, his mission was to exploit BTM's talents to help infest the DOBBS/Jehova One/X-ist Propaganda all over the earth. The ORGY OF SLACK CD is THE Slackest CD ever anti-produced. Why do ya think when the ALIEN SEX GODDESS SlackGangBang happened ONSTAGE, KING OF SLACK was chosen to be the MC-HOST-PIMP-CONDUCTER? AT THIS VERY MOMENT, imagine KING OF SLACK on his very own PLEAZURE SAUCER, living out every single SlackFantasy that was implied in the SACRED SUBG SCRIPTURES. Stanky uttered something like, "Make yer own SLACK.....THE RUPTURE is whatever you want it to be." The CROWD OF SLACKFUX tarred and PINK feathered our Beloved REV. STANG, tossing him into the ooozing radioactive squidfux pond.

Still only ONE thing made sense....


KING OF SLACK was RUPTURED, along with a few others. The X-ist Walk-In Soul Possessor Entities will now RECHARGE and ORGY on the SAUCERS, until NEEDED. De-Rupturing at any MOMENT could occur and cause re-possession. In ancient NORMAL Scriptures you hear of GUARDIAN ANGELS and SPIRIT GUIDES and CHANNELING and SPEAKING IN TOUNGUES, make no mistake this is the DIRECT Equivilent. A new Platoon of X-ist Walk-Ins took possession of more YETI SOULS at BRUSHWOOD. IF you feel compeled TO SERVE "BOB" more than ever, after being DE-RUPTURED, DO NOT FIGHT the URGE.... go with it. YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN to do "BOB's" bidding. Just make sure to go to every JULY 5 - X-DAY BLOWOUT. That way you can bask in the SPOTLIGHT OF SLACK and when you are READY to be RUPTURED you WILL be RUPTURED....PraBOB!!!

THEY say the CHURCH of the SUBGENIUS has OVER TEN THOUSAND MEMBERS? LESS than a thousand showed up at the OFFICIAL BRUSHWOOD landing strip to be RUPTURED on JULY 5, 1998. When the TIME is RIGHT, YOU will know you to MUST BE AT BRUSHWOOD. EVERY year to the next 6000 plus years, DOK BTM will be at the X-DAY LANDING SITE BLOW-OUT PARTY one way or the other. Someday the ORGY OF SLACK CDs sales will EXCEED the OVER TEN MILLION CDs SOLD. X-Day Rupture Blowouts will be FRANCHISED like some sort of SubG Chain Rave Corporation..

But don't worry about BTM..... (UPDATE- Post X-DAY 98)
DOKTOR BILL T MILLER is NOW back in control of his SOUL and still a DEDICATED "BOB" LUVING/HATING, Church of the SubGenius member. The X-ist IMPLANT is still ACTIVE. The NEED - DESIRE - ORDERS for SLACK OVERLOAD could be DE-Ruptured at anytime. Then the KING OF SLACK will WALK-IN and POSSESS the SOUL of DOKTOR BILL T. MILLER once again.


KING OF SLACK was at the LAST BOSTON DEVIVAL! before X-Day 98 came and RUPTURED KOS leaving only DOK BTM.
April 23 -1998 - Middle East (Upstairs)- Cambridge, MA
Rev. Ivan Stang, Brother Cleve, Rev. D.K. Jones, Pope Meyer,
Father Legume, IrRev Friday Jones and "BOB" and YOU!

FEBRUARY 17, 1996 at Middle East - Cambridge, MA
Circus Apocolypse Side Show
Brother Cleve's Lush Orchestra
Doktor Bill T. Miller - KING OF SLACK

SLACKFUX DEVIVAL at Knitting Factory-NYC.
This is when the KING OF SLACK posssessed DOK BTM.

DOK BTM - King of Slack also appeared at BOTH, X-Day Drills
and the X-DAY '98 Blowout at Brushwood.


 [ SlackRant ] "BOB" sez...
Experience the King Of Slack RANT!


Open Your Third-Nostril to the Anti-Music!...or KILL ME!

YOU NEED yer very own