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VINYL Released on HALLOWEEN 1990...
that means 2015 is 25th Anniversary!

OBE-TV - Signs on at midnight when the moon is full.

Original OBE LP simulated OUT BAND includes:
Bill T. Miller-Microdeck Sampling, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Stick, Percussion, Voices
Andy Deckard-Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Voices
Jeff Cohen-Stick, Bass, Keyboards, Voices
John Breglia-Keyboards, Bass, Stick, Voices
Paul Boblett-Fretted/Frettless Bass, Voices

Plus, a ton of special OBE GUESTS and Phone-In Messages.

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OBE TV-GUIDE features listings from all the OBE TV shows/songs.

BUY NOW *12:00 A.M. Midnight  [ Download wav ] THIN LAYER - Science Fiction -Tonight's Episode:
Our hero, the insane genius calls 1-800-Out-Band, buys a microdeck,
and receives the magic amulet to guide him on his journey.
Chris George-Magic Sitar, Juanita, The Scene Queen - Voices,
Woody - Toy Piano Crash, Russ Smith - OBE-TV Announcer,
Richard Tate - Electro Feedback Guitar, Rich Spillberg - Power Chunk and
Classical Guitars, Nick Laudani - Keyboards, Paul Michael - Contra Bass

*1 A.M.  [ Download wav ] GROATCLUSTERS- Cartoon Fantasy:
While the simulated pseudo-band watches OBE-TV and tries to make some music,
they get hungry. Their obsessive hunger leads them to the all-night convenience
mart to get their favorite munchies,  [ Download wav ] Groatclusters.
Leaving the store, they are abducted by the alien sex nymphs in their
UFO. The nymphs have their way with them, eating most of their Groat,
too. OBE shrugs it off as a hallucination and gets back to jamming,
watching OBE-TV, and eating Groatclusters.
Rich Gilbert - Cruncho Guitars, Cam Ackland - Groat Harp, Chris Murphy - Fiddle,
Paul Michael - Contra Bass, Strange Habits - Laughing Voices, DJSmooth-CUTS,
George Tirebiter - Voice, Bill Gibbs, Marlin, Vaginal Davies - Phone-ins

*1:30 A.M.  [ Download wav ] WARNING: DANGER! - News Documentary:
Abuse of anything, TV, Groat, magick elixir, sacred smoke, sex,
sleep, and the quest for fame and fortune can be dangerous,
but our hero just can't get too much of a good thing.
David Ackerman - Siren Keyboards,"It's Dangerous" Voice,
DJ Smooth-CUTS,Frank Coleman-Mach Voice,Think Tree-Phone In

*2:00 A.M.  [ Download wav ] A LETTER - Docudrama:
Henry, a neighbor, writes a letter to his congressman about the environment,
the economy, and censorship, after seeing a thought-provoking report on
OBE-TV. Henry gave up his rock-and-roll dreams for a degree and the
promise of a career and now he's a disillusioned 9-to-5er with a couch
potato lifestyle. He actually thinks his letter will change things.
A. D. - Lead Vocals, Tim Rat Diet - Slam Bam Rhythm Guitar,
Al Peters - "Day Job" Manager's Voice,Woody - Phone-in

*2: 30 A.M. BACK TO TWELVE - Sci-Fi Mystery:
In a flashback, our hero thinks he's been transported back to midnight
before the madness and magic began. It's too late. "I am the power.
I control." But, don't worry, "your secrets are safe with me."
Paul B. - Lead Vocals, Kenya Hathaway - Backing Vocals,
Daniel Kellar - Violin, Richard Tate - Feedback Guitar

Trying to get a grip on reality, he stands before the bathroom mirror, as
his life flashes before him. He assures himself that if you keep quiet,
they'll go away. Don't they know? "I'm the god!" He inserts the short
handle before totally losing what's left of his mind.
Roger Miller- Maximum-Electric Piano, Woody - Music Box, Bagpipe Chanter,
Des/Nisi Period - Phone-in

*3:30 A.M. D-BLOCK - Live Crime Drama:
Paranoid alarmists seek to close the doors on letter-writing neighbors
and so-called "subversive musicians" but freedom wins out in the end.
Wendy S. - Phone-in, Bob Gay - Sax, Roger Miller - Maximum Piano

*4:00 A.M.  [ Download wav ] TRANSITION TO KAOS - Science:
A glimpse into the depths of kaotic brain waves in forward and reverse at
the same time. As the scientists analyze the EEG while the system hops
randomly between many states they come to the inevitable conclusion,
"This is the music of Kaos."
Rich Spillberg-Fat Gtr, Roger Miller-Slide Gtr

*4:30 A.M. KINGS OF FEEDBACK present the WALL OF NOISE - Comedy:
Too much too soon or maybe not soon enough. Too weird even for OBE,
the abundance of feedback and 1-800-Out-Band phone-in messages
force open the door in The Wall of Noise.
Paul Michael - Contra Bass, Carol Page and Grace - Teapot Vocals,
Russ Smith - Announcer and Ukelele, Roger Miller, Rich Spillberg, Tim May,
Richard Tate, Rich Gilbert, Tim Rat Diet, Chloe, Tom and Dave Shannon,
Jim the Politician - Massive Guitar Feedback, Mr. Butch, Steve/Lunk,
Mick Maldonado, Nigel Matthews - Voices, David Miller, Greg Miller, Jack B.,
Fritz, Mike Mooney, Ilene S., David G., Gary Shane, Vag, Tim, Larry, Leslie D.,
Mami Ozaki, Walker, Bob DuBrow, Big Mike, Doug Thoms, Eric Lindgren - Phone-ins

*5:00 A.M.  [ Download wav ] THE FLEXO-BENDO SHOW - Children's Exercise:
Our host Mr. Bendo entertains the kids with special guest Mr. Butch,
flexible stretching exercises, and a trip to the circus.
Uncle Russ Smith - Voices, Xylophone, Zither
Maury Rosenberg - Flexible Accordian, Cam Ackland - Toy Harmonica,
DJ Smooth - Scratchin', Lawrence Dersch - Snare Drum, John E. - La La La Voice,
Mr. Butch - Wacko Wacko Voice, Woody - Phone-in

*5:30 A.M.  [ Download wav ] DREAMSLEEP - Self-Help/Meditation:
Deep relaxation techniques improve your concentration while fulfilling you
fantasies in a deep sleep. None of what you see is real. It's all a dream. These
impulses become pictures. These pictures become dreams.
Chris George - Magic Sitar, Roger Miller - Voice, Dr. Luis - Mind's Eye Megabrain

*6:00 A.M.  [ Download wav ] SUCCUBUS - Exercise Fantasy - Very Sexually Explicit - Your Discretion is Advised.
While watching TV sex, having phone sex, and live sex at the same time,our hero
just can't get enough. The rattles call down the alien sex nymphs for a dream encore.
Jordan - Tire Squeak Licks, Anonymous - Phone-ins, Alien Nymphos as themselves

*7:00 A.M.  [ Download wav ] GENIUS- Sci-Fi/Mystery/Religion/Movie:
Our hero, now truly enlightened, and in control of his obsessions, clutches his magic abimba amulet, and reaches into the depths of his soul for guidance. As
he grabs his sledgehammer, he smashes one of his TVs in frustration!"
Monsieur A. Josephe, Voodoo Priest-Voice,DJ Smooth - Flexi-disc Scratchin'
Roger Miller, Maximum-Electric Piano,

*9:00 A.M. 1-800-OUT-BAND - Commercial Program- Call Now!
(617) LICK OBE & 1-800 OUT BAND are DEAD- do NOT call!
It's all starting to make sense now. This is where it
all began. Our hero called 1-800-Out-Band, left a bizarre message, and that's when
the madness took over. But every story has a happy ending. Now he and his friends
will qualify for their FREE GIFT and will soon be ordering their very own LP,
cassette, CD, T-shirt, flexi-disc, stereo micro-cassette, sticker, PLUS... an
intense orgasm over the phone. So don't delay, Call Now, 1-800-Out-Band and leave
a message that may be included on the next LP. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.
LISTEN to this dream/flashback LP. It may change your life like it changed mine!




OBE - Call Now! LP

handmade digipack CD-R of 1990 release
full complete album finally available on cd

duped with from master
original 1990 tape j-cards

original 1990 pressing

1-(800) OUT BAND and
1-(617) LICK OBE are GONE...
but the mutant messages live on.

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