Rev. Pee Kitty
of the order Malkavian-Dobbsian Meow!

One of the first things I did when I got back onto the SubG online community again was visit the King of Slack, Bill T. Miller's website, and lo and behold! A new CD! A wonderful, shiny new CD! An Orgy of Slack CD! To make a long story short, I hold its case now while the stereo spins it, as it has done many a time in the past week. The fact that these are still even in STOCK is amazing to me...I would picture hundreds flying out each week to the dicriminating audiophiles who wanted their doses of aural Slack!

Now, I realize many people are waiting until the massacre to just grab one from the King of Slack directly. Friends, there are two VERY good reasons why you should NOT wait! Firstly, we all want...nay, NEED Mr. T. Miller at the X-Day Massacre this year; who else would organize and orchestrate the audio equipment so well, emcee over us when everyone else is too wasted to do so, provide the backing music and antisamples that make the ATMOSPHERE of the damned thing, AND still perform for us so well?? NOT MANY PEOPLE would or could do that, friends! Bill Needs Money to come...if you're going to support him, why wait a month?

The second reason is even simpler: What better way to prepare for the trip to Sherman than by listening to such songs as the classic X-Day's A Comin' (on CD for the first time EVER), or the live versions of your favorite antisongs? Or the joyfull sounds of the collaboration between three of the best (yet about as different as can by) musicians in the Church? WHY WAIT for such pure joy? Why not have it already put on your mix tapes for that road trip, or for the walkman on the airplane?

This is not a paid advertisement. Shit, if I was famous, I'd be on the TV doing ads for Mountain Dew out of my OWN POCKET...when I really like something, I love telling the world about it. I like this. Here's why...

First off, if you ain't got Open Your Ears, yet, you're FUCKING UP BIG TIME. It's almost OUT OF PRINT! Think about that. Fortunately, Bill did. Some of the best OBE/KOF songs are on this CD as well, some pure as can be, a few with a small introddition or two...the classics "Used Slack", "Normal" (my *favorite* KoF song - no shit), "Fropman", "Kill 'Bob'", and "SubG Spot" are all duped here for those who missed Open Your Ears or who just want a taste of the old stuff. Even better, we got the LIVE version of "You Rang" from the first X-Day Drill...with Ivan Stang cosinging! Yes, Ivan, ranting off and taking the lyrics to his own twisted's the best damn live version of a song in existence.

And yeah, there's PLENTY of new shit, too. First off, as mentioned, there's the instant CLASSIC, "X-Day's a Comin' (and the Pinks are bummin)"; if you didn't get the limited edition tape of Bill's, you've got a SECOND CHANCE now! Yes, it's an awesome song. Great samples. There's some totally new songs: "Religion is Poison (and Slack is the Antidote)" and "(Walk Upon) Sacred Ground"...the former is pure BTM, the latter is a teaser from the new Kings of Feedback album coming up in the future. Both are VERY kewl.

Tons of live shit. One that I know very few of you have heard is Kings of Feedback doing an OLD DOKTORMUSIC MEDLEY! They butcher up "B.O.B.", "Bob is a Sex God", "Dobbs Approved", "Bob Kills Pinks Dead", and even "Welcome to the End Times" by brother Cleve! You don't want to miss this one. More live shit is on there from different devivals, there's the squidfucking from the '96 Drill, Friday Jones doing the "Eyes of Bob", and the CD fucking closes off with a mix of RANTS from the Boston devivals!

I haven't even touched on the best part...okay, I touched once, but I didn't know she was only 13...



Bill T. Miller, Brother Cleve Dunkan, and D.K. Jones. In a studio. Collaborating. Yeah, they've all got different sounds, but you've GOT to hear this. It's very good. It's very very very VERY good. Three songs. Three incredible songs. "Slack Bang Me, Baby" is rockin. "Surgeons for Connie" is rockin and FUCKING HILARIOUS. And "Bob IS LUV", it has to be heard to be believed. Let me just say it's awesome and leave it at that.

Dammit, just buy the frickin' CD. $10. You can NOT find a better use for your stupid ten dollars. If you've gotta go two days without eating, grin and bear won't regret it.