Headroom Studios - OCTOBER 20, 2003

Reg Bloor - Les Paul Guitar Tweaked via DigiTech Whammy Pedal
Bill T Miller - Circuit Bent Toy Noise

Digital Video shot by Glenn Branca with a Cannon ZR40 Camera.
The audio from this video preview was captured with the built-in
microphone and compressed down to lo-resolution Quicktime 3
for faster loading on the internet. Live on/off edits and simulated
conducting colaboration via the camera by Glenn Branca and then
the footage was edited and tweaked by BTM in Final Cut Pro.

Trax Anti-Produced by Bill T Miller into Pro Tools at Headroom.
Stay tuned for songs and more videos from these sessions.

CLICK HERE for LONGER BTM and Reg Bloor Video

reg bloor

Reg Bloor on her Les Paul in Headroom.

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