ET Discs

Bill T Miller

Available to create (and mutate) soundtracks and
noisescapes for film/TV/adverts, etc.

Are you a visionary director or producer seeking to expand the
boundaries of normal images and sound (avoiding calculated,
mathematically-composed generic formula muzak with lame synth
washes, boogie beat chases, sax solo inserts for every love scene,
and other cliches)?

*I will create and produce NEW music and/or noise to bring your
images to life.

You hear all these people claiming to be SOUND DESIGNERS,
well sure I can DESIGN if NEEDED....but think of me as more

*I have existing songs (masters or remixes) from my own bands,
Out of Band Experience (OBE) & Kings of Feedback (KOF)
& Drum Army & Orgy Of Noise available for soundtracks.

*As producer, I have access to the music of many other bands
for possible soundtrack compilation.

ExtraTerrestrial Discs - owner, independent label

Headroom Studios - owner, musician, chief engineer, and producer

1976 - College for Recording Arts - San Francisco
- degree in Music Production and Engineering

Topics of Interest - music, noise, sex, erotica, TV, video, film,
food, UFOs, aliens, magick, wicca, SubGenius-"Bob" Dobbs,
vampires, serial killers, popular culture, sci-fi, comedy,
Internet surfing, cats, animation, subversion, etc.

Engineering and Production
As Engineer/Producer have recorded over 150 bands (20-25
full-length CDs and LPs, 30-40 seven-inches, and countless
cassette releases, in various styles, including rock, industrial,
experimental, hardcore, blues, heavy, tribal, punk, psychedelic,
fusion, folk, spoken word and NOISE etc.

Labels include: Extraterrestrial, SST, Relapse, Century Media,
RRR, New Alliance, Stanton Park, Cherry Disc, PEFE, Common Cause, etc.

Recorded assorted TV and film projects of Roger Miller for MTV,
Cartoon Network, HBO, Sesame Street, UK-Gold, and miscellaneous

I record tons of bands, but I want to do more REMIXES and SOUNDTRACKS.

Headroom Studios

16-track Fostex tape machine/20 input Ramsa console/assorted
Lexicon, Yamaha, Alesis, Ashley-outboard gear/Urei
monitors/Panasonic 3700 DAT, etc. (complete gear list availble)

Guitars/basses/Chapman Stick/vintage Ampeg, Marshall and Fender
amps/drums, percussion/Roland and Arp synthesizers/
Peavey SP sampler/microdeck/Alesis HR-16 drum
machine/Roland octapad/and much more

Access to endless supply of session players for instruments
I don't play including: sitar, pedal steel, horns, strings, vocals.

Freelance engineer/producer with access to a variety of formats and
studios including 24-track 2-inch, 24-track ADAT, 1-inch and half-inch 16-track

Extraterrestrial Discs

Out of Band Experience (OBE) - experimental industrial alien orgy
Kings of Feedback - industrial blues slack sludge noise rock
Drum Army - percussion orchestra trip around the world
Orgy Of Noise- pure uncut mutant NOISE
available on CD, cassette, and vinyl

Split CD - Open Your Ears - Out of Band
Experience (OBE) and Kings of Feedback (KOF) (double length -
78 minutes) featuring Bill T. Miller on microdeck sampling, bass,
Chapman Stick, guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals, as well
as production/engineering....PLUS many special GUESTS.

OBE Guest stars include: Reeves Gabrels (from David Bowie Band
and Bentmen on guitars), Roger Miller (from Mission of
Burma and No Man on guitars and keyboards), Rich Gilbert
(from Concussion Ensemble and the Zulus on guitars), Malcolm Travis
(from Sugar and the Zulus on drums), Elaine Walker (from Zia and
DDT on vocals and keyboards) and More, plus endless supply of
phone-in messages from assorted mutants

Finally: I am interested in finding a co-director (to work with me) for videos for
Out of Band Experience (OBE) and Kings of Feedback(KOF), into
no-budget film texture style, who has direct access to cameras and
editing equipment, and a true desire to experience the music and
noise of OBE and KOF.

Thanx for listening.................Bill T Miller