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Volume 1, Issue 10, December 1999

Plain and Fuckin' Simple...
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Bill T Miller
Orgy Of Slack and MP3 ORGY.COM CD
ExtraTerrestrial Discs

reviewed by Alkemist

I'm not sure if the weed I smoked before listening to these albums was responsible, or maybe the tequila was a little stronger than usual, but my functional navigating system and logic/reason portion of the brain seemed to be glazed over moments after I hit [play] to hear Bill T Miller's opus Orgy Of Slack and his 9 albums in one MP3 masterpiece MP3 It was at this point the evening to and interesting turn, and a great, hazy, revelation took shape.

Bill T. Miller is one of those names you probably have heard of, but you just don't know where you heard it. Well let's just say he's no John Smith or Mike Jones, typical names that flood Nynex's pages. Bill T Miller plays for an extraterrestrial ball club, an you guessed it his position is deep in left field where the shadow of the stadium edges quietly on to the field. Quoted once as surviving on 'daily rations of tacos and Reeses peanut butter cups', amidst numerous claims of being abducted and forced into succubus sexual orgies, one can almost arrive at at the conclusion that maybe Miller really isn't from this galaxy. I mean christ, in retrospect Steven Spielberg's E.T. survived briefly on Reeses Pieces and not much else, and look where that little space alien ended up, in a ditch next to the road, white, and nearly frozen to death. This is not to say that Miller's facination, or should I say obsession, with weird musical formats and faux doctrinal ideologies is wrong, I'm just saying he needs to add a little more water to his diet of junk food so that he does not end up walking the streets naked and dazed, which I'm sure he already has.

SLACK Most regular, normal musicians engage themselves in some form of creative process by which they develop their music, and insprirational process that produces results that will hopefully, in the end, bring some level of fame, money, and a degree of success. Bill T Miller's creative process is neither animal or mineral, and to be perfectly honest, I have no idea where the hell he is coming from, but one thing is for sure, your mom will not be running out to purchase his chaos-blended soundtrack after she reads this article. The concepts Miller covers are crystal clear like a muddy pond, some of which stem from the obscure doctrines contained in the Church of the SubGenius manifesto. Slacking, freaked-out orgy sex, para-psychotic landings of alien spaceships, X-Day, and the uncovering/illumination of fraud and conspriracy from the postman to the highest level's government are the general facets that Miller works with to spread the gospel of the SubGenius. If you're lost in this review now, good luck turning back as the door to the temple just closed, so leave your shoes at the door.

Let's start with Miller's fixation-connection to Reverend J.R. "BOB" Dobbs, iconoclast 'founder' of the dogmatic teaching of Church of the SubGenius. Milller, as stated earlier, was converted sometime ago to the 'only faith that promises action-thrill-success in sex and business'. At the time of his conversion more thatn 10 years ago, after much time spend with a nitrious tank in one hand [truth is he has never tried the cheap thrills of nitrious, prefering 'real drugs' in the 70's] and a bong in the other. Miller found his calling to represent the teachings of SubGenius through an experimental music medium, combining an assorted array of live musicianship and sordid-sex sampling, dictated by the rhetoric rantings and ravings by Miller on the benefits of better living via the SubGenius. Confirming on every track that the key to salvation lies in one's slack, Orgy Of Slack takes the uninitiated listener on a roller-coaster ride of intense propaganda conditioning via a very technical presentation of twisted lyrics and churning industrial-styled beats.

If you can picture a dogmatic-focused soundtrack where the Dead Kennedy's and GG Allin highlight the sexual differences between Jehovah's Witnesses and Hari Krishnas, then you may have the slightest chance of redeeming yourself by coming back into the light. Listening to Miller's maniacal creations, it becomes evident that he has gravitated from the card-carrrying days as a follower of the SubGenius to the more radical, fanatical leadership side of the SubGenius where his music equals his message. [BTM was into a mutated pop-culture overload long before discovering "BOB" and only became a part-time SubG to exploit DOBBS and his flock.] One moment Miller is pumping our ears full of chants 'Kill BOB - Kill BOB - Kill BOB and 'BOB is LUV' and other moments graphic samples [most of these orgy moans are actually real sex recorded live] containing a woman getting 'pumped' in the ass [and every other orafice] during wild sex orgy song played loudly over a wailing guitar. Regarding Orgy Of Slack specifically on a conceptual level the framework of the album is phenomenal, scientifically sewn together by samples merging with sounds, clearly heard on tracks 'Religion Is Poison', 'Succubus (Nympho Mix)', 'Susie Squidfux', 'You Stang', 'Slackfux Medeley'. After multiple listenings to Orgy Of Slack, one can easily begin to equate the looped brainwashing verbiage utilized by Miller to the brainwashing 'cat in the hat/green eggs and ham' technique administered by Dr. Seuss on impressionable child minds.

MP3 CD-ROM On a more disturbing, obergrueppenfuhrer note, Bill T Miller has taken his twisted blend of of chaotica to the next level by recently introducing his music yet again in another complex, compounding, trend-setting medium on on MP3 CD-ROM entitled MP3 Containing megaton blast of Manuchurian canidate 'Bob Dobb-isms' and the usual carnal, tantric imagery via his playground of weird samples, Miller has stepped to the head of the line techologically speaking, fooling around with the wildfire industry of MP3s. One will find on this little technical masterpiece a collection of nine CDs, and within those nine CDs are [over] 103 tracks, chronicling the history of experimental terrorist Bill T Miller under various aliases such as Out of Band Experience (OBE), Kings of Feedback, King Of Slack, Drum Army, Orgy Of Noise, and BTM Remix-O-Rama. If Miller is attempting to disrupt our glorious, happy memories of On Golden Pond, he has done so effectively with MP3 and the music found in abundance thereon.

Enabling both Macintosh and WIndows PCs operating systems to become infected with his surrealist, abstract sound manipulations, Miller seeks to plague the world from the fastest growing technological/information medium, the Internet. Quoted like a madman genius not too long ago stating, "I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get the sounds inside of yer head," it has become realistically evident that Miller's vision of a global village paradise united under one SubGenius umbrella [forget SubGenius - more like a CULT OF BTM umbrella] is becoming more feasible, most certainly with his latest tool MP3

While sobering up from the effects in combination of ganja and tequilla, a gentle clarity befell me, allowing me to decipher Miller's distorted vision of reality. Simply put in Simpsons terms: If Otto is our child's school bus driver and Bill T Miller is the field trip chaperone, be rest assured that the detoured trip to the Motel 6 will result in your kid drooling at the dinner table blurting out slacker chants, as well as increased tendency to masturbate in public with strangers.

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Doktor Bill T. Miller - King Of Slack,
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Slackbangers, Bro. Cleve Duncan, Rev. D. K . Jones,
Rev. Nickie, IrRev Friday, Rev Susie and "BOB"!

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