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Strange Notes: Music for the Twisted Masses

Bill T Miller, owner of Boston-based Headroom Studios and the independent label ExtraTerrestrial Discs, is in the midst of high grade musical art production mania that includes the alien orgy industrial samplefest of Out of Band Experience (OBE), the industrial metal thunder of the Kings Of Feedback, and the pure uncut noize of the Orgy Of Noise.

DOBBS Miller has also brought us the pseudo-comedy cult’s Church of the SubGenius healing anti-muzick under the King Of Slack moniker. And his new release “Drum Army — Wants You” is an experimental percussion jamfest trip around the world. The man is a master of all trades and has moved beyond the all-too human need to sleep it seems.

“I know it seems like kamikaze commercial suicide,” says Miller. “I just want people to hear my music.If you want this ‘Think Different’ spirit to thrive, you must support it!”

Toward that end, Miller BTM used his girlfriend’s Apple IIc (and later a PowerBook) to get his first bite of the Apple in the Garden of Technology. Now, front and center in Miller’s control room is his Power Mac 7100/66, which he uses for web and graphic design, including artwork for his CD/record covers. And for sound design? Miller uses Pro Tools, Cubase, Sound Edit 16, and ReBirth.Alien TV

Masked woman with TV

As a recording engineer, producer and remixer who’s recorded such artists as Melt-Banana, Reeves Gabrels, Roger Miller and the Church of the Subgenius’ Reverend Ivan Stang, Miller loves vintage gear and analog tape machines, but has mutated his songs even further by going digital with his Power Mac.

A self-confessed pop culture/television addict, Miller says, “The great thing about staring at a computer screen is that it has a fun TV-like feel, but you can actually pretend you’re working.”

Now, Miller is giving his music away online. Visitors to his can download songs from all of the dozen or so ExtraTerrestrial releases, including the complete Kings of Feedback “rules” CD via MP3 and Real Audio, including free CD and cassette covers. And if he can get a gig of free space, he hopes to have his entire catalog online. Also high on his wish list: a Mac G3.

“I’m making the music of the universe right here,” says Miller pointing to his terminal. “Like it or hate it.”

We like, Bill, we like.

Carol Page - March -1999

UPDATE 2004...
Bill T Miller now has two G4s and is dreaming of getting a G5. He continues to create twisted mutant fun using Digidesign's Pro Tools and Apple's Final Cut Pro software and a pile of Circuit Bent Toys Gone Wild. His website now has all eleven of his CDs as MP3s and even some of the Apple iTunes Store favorite format - MP4- AAC songs for FREE DOWNLOAD. Plus, you can download a pile of BTM QUICKTIME VIDEOS.

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UPDATE 2011...
BTM still has those two G4s and added a MAC-MINI. Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop are still the main software tools. Now there are fifteen full albums (with artwork) available at and at least a hundred videos at Several ORGY OF NOISE DVDs are available... ALL created via MAC (from capture to edit to mixing to mastering to graphics to websites to authoring to distribution to promo to etc.)

Latest adventures are over at: BTM's BLOG



Bill T Miller - THINK MUTANT

Bill T Miller - THINK MUTANT