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                 Bill T Miller
                 ExtraTerrestrial Discs
                 (617) 542-5623

                 MP3 CD Version 4.0 Released 

                 BOSTON - ExtraTerrestrial Discs has released their entire catalog, including
                 11 CDs, 133 songs, a full 14 years of music on one MP3 CD-ROM. 
                 Strap on your headphones and enter the freaked-out realm of mutant musician 
                 engineer producer remixer...BILL T MILLER. Indulge yourself as he conjures up
                 wacko sonic mutations in the guise of several different bands, including:

                 * OUT of BAND EXPERIENCE (OBE) - Indusdroid alien nympho orgyfest.
                 * KINGS OF FEEDBACK - Industrial blues slack sludge metal noise rock.
                 * KING OF SLACK - Healing sounds of SubGenius doktor anti-musick.
                 * DRUM  ARMY - Experimental percussion jamfest trip around the world.
                 * ORGY OF NOISE - Pure uncut harsh sample-dosed mutated insane noise.
                 * BTM REMIX-O-RAMA - BTM tweaking a heap of remixes of his and other bands' songs.

                 Every song on the MP3 CD-ROM is also available for FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD, as 
                 well as other Internet sound file formats, such as Real Audio, VQF, and Wav. Original limited  
                 pressings of CDs, Vinyl, and Cassettes are available directly from ExtraTerrestrial Discs. 

                 "I know this is kamikaze commercial suicide, but I just want my music to infest
                 every computer in the universe,"  Bill T Miller (BTM). "I'm ready to do whatever it 
                 takes to get the sounds inside of yer head."  Slowly, but surely, BTM's "Plague of MP3z"
                 are becoming available at every MP3 site on the Internet and computers all over the world.         
                 This CD-ROM plays on both Macintosh and Windows computer operating systems. 
                 Play the MP3s directly from the CD on your computer, transfer them to your 
                 hard drive, or portable MP3 player, or email them to yer friends. You can even open 
                 your browser and get an instant  glimpse of the mega and
                 websites, without going online. The CD includes the cover artwork files so you can
                 print covers while you burn officially endorsed bootleg MP3 CD-ROMs.
                 Totally committed to the underground independent do it yourself ethic, BTM started 
                 his own label in 1989 to release his twisted brand of music. "In the past the weakest
                 link for a small label was distribution, but in the last few years online ordering and 
                 MP3s have changed everything,"  says Miller. "Now indie labels are truly global."
                 Halloween, 1999 marked the tenth anniversary  of his label's first release, the
                 OBE GroatClusters flexi-disc record. Halloween 2000 is the tenth anniversary of
                 the first full-length OBE LP. BTM and ExtraTerrestrial intend to celebrate all year
                 giving away tons of CDs and MP3s.  The MP3 CD is the equivalent
                 of multi CD box set celebration, packed on one disc. The CD has been updated each year.

                 MP3 ORGY version 4.0 (October 31, 2003) is out now and features even more MP3
                 (seven hours of listening) along with skins,  playlists, wallpaper, an updated
                 mini-website, plus tons of rare videos  available in QuickTime, and RealVideo formats.
                 For additional information visit the web site:  OR
                 Contact Bill T Miller directly via email:  or call (617) 542-5623.