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Infest the universe with the MP3 ORGY.com... PLAGUE OF MP3z.

Do you have a cd burner? Do you dig industrial, experimental, hardcore, punk, metal, media barrage, culture jamming, spaced-out, electro, xxx-rated alien orgy freak-out mutant noise rock? Then you could qualify for a FREE MP3 ORGY.com CD-R. FREE? That's right FREE, just DOWNLOAD a few of the FREE MP3s and if you dig them and are ready to do ANY of the following as a "TRADE" of sorts, then EMAIL ME, Bill T Miller..

* Burn CD-Rs to trade, sell or give away of the complete MP3 ORGY CD.
* Offer the MP3 ORGY.com MP3s on your web site or ftp server.
* Include any of the CDs on yer Trade By Mail MP3 or MP3 CD-R Trading Ring Lists.
* List the MP3 ORGY.com MP3s in your Online File Sharing Directory.
* Help me spread the word on newsgroups, chats, icq, websites, etc.
* Anything else you can think of to help spread the MP3 ORGY.com Plague of MP3z.
* IF you will do any of the above to help out, I will GIVE YOUR A FREE MP3 ORGY CD!
* IF you prefer not do anything but LISTEN, A TRADE of ONE QUALITY BLANK CD-R and US DOLLAR for postage (cash or three NEW usa stamps) is OK or just send $5.00 us cash and I will ship you a cd anywhere in the usa.

BOTTOM LINE is: I NEED YOUR HELP! I am seeking FRIENDS to help unleash my cds. If you have a cd burner and are ready to BURN MP3 ORGY CDs, I NEED YOU! Support an indie diy artist label that is embracing the digital distribution of free music.

Don't be confused by my offer trading the MP3 ORGY CD, like my music it is a bit different, but I am a fair trader who keeps his word. I have been into MP3s since 1998 and have been doing reliable mail order and trading of music, even before I started my own label in 1989. I just want YOU to hear my music and if you want to hear it, I will do whatever it takes to deliver it to you.

All of my songs/cds are available for FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD.
(Not only via MP3s, but WAV, REAL AUDIO, VQF, Quicktime, as well as CDs, Tapes, Records, and ESP.

PLEASE, take the time to listen and read about my music, IF you are NOT into this sort of noise rock fun and ya don't know anybody who is, don't ask for a cd trade, because I can't afford all the postage or time. IF you are into it, then just let me know and I will ship it right out to you.

The FREE CD-R DEAL will be just the MP3 ORGY.com Version 2.0 CD-ONLY shipped in cardboard. The artwork files for 2-Page CD Booklet and Tray Card are included so you can print your own covers and stuff them into a jewel case.
The CDz are already burned, but if you have any special rules (like blank cds or snail mail needs) just let me know. Burn the MP3 ORGY.com CD as a MAC/ISO HYRBRID CD, so that it will play on Macintosh or Windows. IF you have a Macintosh and want to burn a ton of cds, I can hook you up with TOAST FILES on it. OR just pick individual CDs to include as requested by your traders. BURN BABY BURN... make as many copies of the MP3 ORGY.com CD as you want.

Let me know what you can do (the more can give the more I will give) and I will send you a FREE MP3 ORGY.com CD-R via USA SNAIL MAIL. IF yer outside of the USA, I can't really afford the postage, BUT will probably make an exception if the you are really into it. The MP3s are 128 kbs of complete albums, but if yer a 256 kbs freak, there is a different MP3 ORGY.com CD - 256 kbs version available with less albums. I know every mp3 cd-r trader seems to have a different set of rules, if you want to add tags, or adjust titles, or just offer some of the cds for trade feel free to adapt the different CDs to meet your style. IF you get a free mp3orgy.com cd-r and you don't dig it please just give it away. As long as the people that request the FREE MP3 ORGY.com CD don't drain me to much, I hope to keep this free offer going for a while. IF you are NOT into this sort of rock noise, please don't request a free cd. If yer not sure if you would dig it, just download some free mp3s and check it out.

Bill T Miller
PO Box 1045
Allston, MA 02134 USA

IF we want real independent music to survive we must unite and help each other out. I want to make friends with listeners who are spreading my mp3s to the universe.

OUT of BAND EXPERIENCE (OBE) - Indusdroid alien nympho orgyfest.
CDs -Call Now * Open Your Ears * OBE Radio * billtmiller.com *Alien Orgyfest

KINGS OF FEEDBACK - Industrial blues slack sludge metal noise rock.
CDs - Rules * Open Your Ears

KING OF SLACK - Healing sounds of SubGenius doktor anti-musick.
CD - Orgy Of Slack

DRUM ARMY - Experimental percussion jamfest trip around the world.
CD - Wants You

ORGY OF NOISE - Pure uncut harsh sample-dosed mutated insane noise.
CD - Plague Of MP3z

BILL T MILLER - Tweaking a heap of remixes.


Of course if yer a mp3 music luver and not a mp3 trader, YOU can show your support and help cover my costs by BUYING the MP3 ORGY.com CD ($10) and get latest version of CD in a jewel case with a color cover shipped to you.

I just want mutants to hear my music and I am willing to GIVE IT ALL AWAY and with your help this can happen. Download all the free mp3s ya want, but IF you are NOT into my sort of weirdo rock noise, please do not request a free cd-r, I just can't afford the costs. Any MP3 ORGY.com CD-R Trader who wants to SWAP LINKS, just let me know.


So.... DOWNLOAD some FREE MP3s and READ some of the INFO, just to make sure you are into it and then EMAIL ME with your very very clear complete (with the real name on your mailbox) snail mail address and some info on your plans and I will hook you up.

THANX for listening... Bill T Miller

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