DOLL Magazine - Bill T. Miller
February 1996 #102
THANX - Erika from Doll and Izumi from PEFE

DOLL= When and how did you start to listen to Punk/HC?
How did you dig it up? What (which bands) are you into?

BTM= My own personal taste in music, knows no boundaries.
I enjoy music from the simplest SONG to the craziest
NOISE. I have always kept my my mind and ears open to
all styles and tried NOT to limit myself to a trendy
style of the month. I listen to MOST styles of ROCK,
but am more interested in the spirit and the heart of
the musician. I got my first record when I was seven
years old and have been hooked ever since.
I originaly listened to a lot of hippie type
(now classic) music, blues, progressive etc.
(Hendrix,Zappa,Beatles) and then eventually the
ORIGINAL PUNK of the late '70s-'80s like Sex Pistols,
Clash, Black Flag, Mission of Burma, Dead Kennedys etc.
That first wave of punk saved us from eternal DISCO.
I still dig all the old stuff (HENDRIX is GOD) and don't
care if it isn't cool. BUT...I am always checking out
new stuff. Luckily, I have been able to record a lot of
my favorite HC and HEAVY type bands like DROPDEAD,
Lately, I have been checking out stuff like Pigface,
Negativland, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Gwar, Rollins, Primus,
Kodo Drummers, John Lee Hooker, The Jesus Lizard,
King Crimson and a ton of other bands that aren't PUNK.
The truth is, I just don't care if I conform to what
is considered Politicaly Correct PUNK tastes.

DOLL= If you are from Boston, please tell us about the
scene. Did any band from Boston inspire you in any way?
Were you involved in the scene yet when This is Boston,
Not LA was out? What do you think about those old
straight edge movement/stuff on X-Claim Recs. or bands
like GANG GREEN, JERRY'S KIDS, etc ? How about the
legendary SIEGE ? If you're not from Boston, where do
you come from ? Let us know about your local scene.

BTM= I have been here in BOSTON for about TEN years, before
that I lived in California and grew up in Southern part
of the USA. A lot of those bands you mentioned were
happening when I first got to Boston. The only one I
actually ever met was GANG GREEN, who were in the space
next to my recording studio HEADROOM. I remember they were
LOUD and DRUNK as FUCK with a pile of empty beer cans in
the corner. The LOCAL scene has a ton of bands and clubs,
what we really need is more people who are NOT muscians
and who will come to shows and seek out the records and CDs.
I dig the scene here, I wish we could UNITE TOGETHER to
tear down the divisions and encourage the DIY ethic, NOT
only in political-social change and awareness, but MAINLY
in just simple HUMAN TRUST and support of FRIENDS.
Sadly...the human animal tends toward VIOLENCE and
JEALOUSY instead of TRUST, LOVE and other lost causes.

DOLL= When and how did you start to be involved in the
scene? Have you done any 'zine or been involved in any
other bands before?

BTM= I was born into ROCK MUSIC-I have NO CHOICE. I started
my own band when I was about twelve. I have my fingers in
several scenes, but still seem to be out on the edge in my
own scene, not really fitting neatly in with any of them.
One of the early HEAVY HARDCORE type bands I recorded was
DISRUPT and then DROPDEAD heard those records and called
me up. Then some other bands heard the Dropdead records
and so on till I was doing the BEST bands of this style.
As far as 'zines go I occasionaly put out my own 'zine
called OBE TV GUIDE, which is mostly about my own two bands

DOLL= Why did you decide to become an engineer/producer?
When did you start to work as an engineer/producer?
Did you go to any special school or something to
become an engineer?

BTM= Luckily, my DAD was into HI-FI Stereo gear and had
a tape recorder, which I played around with. Although I
started as Guitar and Bass player, eventualy I started
getting into hooking up effects and making all sorts of
weird sounds on tape. I went to a recording school in
California that was in a STUDIO and learned a lot of basic
stuff. Then started doing LIVE SOUND and recording bands.
For several years I quit playing and just did engineering,
cause I was too lazy to practice and become a skilled
musician. Then I realized it was not about CHOPS and SPEED,
but EMOTION and got back into making noise a a musician.

DOLL= Boston...reminds me of an engineer/producer
Lou Giordano. What do you think about his work?
Do you have any favorite engineer/producer?

BTM= LOU did a lot of those early bands and I met him briefly
a while ago. One of the bands he did, MISSION OF BURMA
is legendary and I have recorded some of the BURMA guitar
player's (ROGER MILLER) records recently, plus he appears
on a lot of the OBE stuff.
As far as favorite engineer/producers...I actually am a
fan of the SONGS and the BAND, but admire the style of
someone like BRIAN ENO, who like myself is open to new ideas.

DOLL= As an engineer/producer, do you work with any band
that want to work with you or do you choose the bands to
work with ? If so, how do you choose?

BTM= I am actually very UNDERGROUND and DON'T advertise as an
engineer, so MOST of the bands are FRIENDS of FRIENDS who
have heard RECORDS/TAPES/CDs I have done. I really only want
to do bands I dig. I tend to say NO to bands that are too
mainstream. BUT am always open to various styles.

DOLL=I think most the bands you worked with at HEADROOM are
very heavy and aggressive hardcore. Did you intend to work
with such bands or were you chosen by them 'cos you already
have some reputation?

BTM= I have recorded many styles of ROCK. I am really an
INDEPENDENT Engineer Producer and record at several
different studios. This Heavy Hardcore HEADROOM release
purposely features the range of heavier styles.

DOLL= I think there're 2 types of engineer/producer. One
has his own strong sound and adds his taste onto bands'
own sound to create something new. The other type is
more neutral and help to bring out the hidden talent in
the bands. Which is more like you ? What's your goal as
an engineer/producer?

BTM= I can be BOTH, depending on the band's needs. With
most bands, especialy Heavy/Hardcore, I am the ANTI-Producer
trying to get the PURE LIVE ENERGY of the band down on tape
quickly...letting the band be themselves.
I have my own bands (OBE and KINGS OF FEEDBACK) to indulge
my own weird tastes and sounds. Since on the OBE and KOF stuff,
I engineer/produce and attempt to play guitar-bass-keyboards-
percussion-vocals and assorted weird sound effects from TV
and Movie samples to telephone answering machine messages
plus tons of NOISE.... I can get it out of my system, so when
I record another band, I focus on their sound.
My studio HEADROOM is really a small basic set-up, I record
at other larger higher quality studios and use the same
approach in the bigger studios. The bands believe in my
dedication to them, and we record in the studio that meets
their needs and budget. My studio is a half-inch 16 Track,
one room set-up with all my OBE-KOF gear in there. There is
a cool no frills vibe and feel to HEADROOM, but I like to
think the bands seek out me, knowing I will get their sound
in ANY studio. Most of the bands cut the basic tracks very
live, with NO headphones and all the amps and drums blasting,
then maybe add a bit of guitar and do the vocals if they
didn't cut them live. Most of the vocals are cut raw with
hand-held mikes.

DOLL= Please let us know about your own bands. How do they
sound like ? What's the difference between KINGS OF FEEDBACK
and OUT OF BAND EXPERIENCE? Which is more important for you,
playing as a musician or engineering/producing in the studio?

BTM= OBE is a a studio only, Experimental Indusdroid Samplefest
Alien Orgy Noise Rock Freak-out with many different styles
and instruments mixed together. (Not only the usual
guitar/bass/drums, but Chapman Stick, sitar,
accordian,sax,harmonica,fiddle, etc.)
I play a lot of the instruments and then feature a lot of
guest appearances from other muscians, who have and
OUT of BAND EXPERIENCE...transporting from their band into
my band, kind of an OUT of BODY EXPERIENCE.
I realized that OBE might be to weird and spacey for
many people's NORMAL CONFORMIST tastes, SO I started the
alter-ego KINGS OF FEEDBACK (KOF) with a basic striped-down
standard guitar/bass/drums/vocals with a bunch of sample
sound effects. Sort of an Industrial Blues Slack Sludge
Hardcore NOISE trip. My pal Vernon Tart does most of the
ocal screaming and co-writes the KOF songs with me.
I included a couple of the more accessible OBE and KOF
songs on the Heavy Hardcore Headroom compilation.

DOLL= Tell us about your own label Extraterrestrial Records.
Why did you start the label Why did you put out the comp.
tape (Heavy Hardcore HEADROOM?) How many records have you
put out? How do you distribute your stuff?

BTM= I put my first record out in 1989 as an OBE Flexi-Disc.
My label was originaly called IMMORTAL, but a changed the
name to Extraterrestrial a few years back. I did my own DIY
label to put out OBE and later KOF, because I knew it was
weird uncommercial noise and didn't want to beg some label to
put it out. I wanted to have the freedom to say and do what
I wanted without restrictions of LYRICS,COVER etc. OBE and KOF
music explores many different themes, SERIOUS ISSUES to
RIDICULOUS FUN. Topics like: the usual bullshit-SEX, DRUGS
and Rock-n-Roll, plus Alien nympho UFO abductions, magick,
food, censorship, serial killers, vampires, religious fraud,
selling-out to make it, sci-fi fantasies, goverment corruption,
phone sex,fake anarchists and songs about the disposable
savior of the Church of the SubGenius...the one and only
J.R. "BOB" DOBBS...who is helping ABNORMAL MUTANTS get back
the SLACK the CONSPIRACY took from YOU.
I put together the Heavy Hardcore HEADROOM cassette to show
the various styles of bands I recorded in my studio.
I have been seeking the right label to co-release this
compilation in CD and/or vinyl. I am very excited that IZUMI
from Profane Existence Far East is putting out the CD. PEFE
is the perfect choice, a label that is still DIY and small
enough to have IZUMI's personal touch and dedication to
fairness and true revolution of ideals and freedom, BUT is
large enough and to be well distributed to get things done
professionaly and quickly so a lot of people around the world
can hear all of this bands. Direct contact address for each
band are included, so you can hear more. PEFE has released
several new 3-inch CDs including NAILED DOWN and others.
I had so many bands and songs to choose from we decided to
go with a 5-inch maxiumum length CD of 74 minutes, which
will be out in FEBUARY 1996.
Dropdead, Disrupt, Grief, Deformed Conscience, Dissension,
Hail of Rage, Coleman, Showcase Showdown,Conniption,Devoid of
Faith, Toxic Narcotic, Disfuse and of course my own
band's Out of Band Experience(OBE) and Kings Of Feedback(KOF)
will all be included on the Heavy Hardcore HEADROOM CD.
As far as other releases on Extraterrestrial...most are
out of print rarities, except the 78 minute split OBE and KOF
CD called "OPEN YOUR EARS" and the latest split KOF 7-inch.

Rare limited pressings include:
OBE- Original Flexi-Disc - GROATCLUSTERS - 1989
OBE- Full Length LP - Call Now! - 1990
OBE- Clear vinyl 7inch - Warning:DANGER! - 1991
KOF- Split 7inch with Legendary Lunch - 1992
KOF- 7inch - FUCK AMERIKA! - 1993
KOF- Purple vinyl 7inch- Real Enemy/Used Slack-1993
OBE-KOF = Split 7 inch - MURDERFEST - 1994
KOF- Split 7inch with High Defiance - 1995
PLUS a ton of comp cuts on other labels including CvB and RRR!
I sell DIRECT MAIL ORDER and to stores and small quanities to

DOLL= Let us know about your personal views on the INTERNET/whole
cyberpunk network and its influences on the DIY punk/HC scene.
Now it's possible to get soundfiles/lyrics/artworks through
the net and you don't need to buy records/cd's. Do you think
it's positive progress ? Do you think the whole DIY punk/HC
scene turn into the cyber oriented thing in the future? There
are still many people prefer vinyl and hate digital stuff?

BTM= The INTERNET is true SUBVERSION and ANARCHY come to life!
IZUMI from PEFE and I came together because he saw an internet
post I made to the alt.punk and alt.hardcore newsgroups. He
reconized some of the bands I recorded and had done trades
with some of them via the mail. He checked out my World Wide Web
site with info about my bands,label and a special section called
Heavy Hardcore HEAROOM. Izumi E-mailed me directly and soon we
had sorted out a fair plan to get the HHH CD out.
You can get short soundfiles/lyrics/artwork to give you a
taste of the bands, BUT it will be a long time before CD and
even vinyl is totaly replaced. Hopefully the INTERNET is a way
to share INFORMATION, but won't replace HUMAN CONTACT, either in
person,telephone, regular snail mail etc.
I am a TELEVISION addict and am becoming a Computer Internet
addict, too. It can be distracting if abused and people stay at
home burning their eyeballs out watching the screen. BUT it is
the FUTURE and the FUTURE is NOW...not learning COMPUTER SKILLS
in the modern world is like being unable to READ and
The 'zine culture is now reaching many more people on the NET
than it ever could making a few hundred copies on paper. The
best 'zines are on the NET and still available in paper.
I believe that TRUE subversion is sharring yer views and
infesting the minds of the youth. As much as I am dedicated
to the DIY ethic, I see nothing wrong with reaching a large
audience, as long as you make the music the way you want to
without compromise. As much as I want to hate the watered-down
Mtv,mainstream trendy PUNK, I know that if the IDEALS and
music of PUNK get into the small towns and the normaly
conservative good children are bring home these BAND's music
home scaring their their parents and hopefuly causing their
kids to THINK as well as well as have FUN.
If a band or 'zine thinks by staying small and unknown they
are getting the message out preachin' to the already converted,
they are kidding themselves. Real change takes more commitment
than screaming some hate-filled lyrics in a song.
Look at the HIPPIES from the '60...Great ideals, like personal
freedom, human and animal rights, trying new sounds, peace and
love etc- very similiar to the modern PUNK ideals. BUT look what
happened. MOST of them are lost in a time warp or they SOLD OUT
for THE CASH and just wanna hear all the old classic rock hits
only. SADLY I fear if the PUNK movement doesn't snap out of
their hate and close mindedness,the same may happen. A song or
a band can help influence change, but the real change is from
people who go into ACTION, helping PEOPLE young and old, taking
care of animals and the earth, NOT just singing and complaining
about everything.
As far as the Digital versus analog vinyl, I love records,
but find with CDs I get get more music out to the people and
they get it cheaper. I usually record most of the bands to
analog tape and then mix to digitial. The instant access of
muscic and information on the NET is endless. NOW bands and
people can get their VOICE out to the UNIVERSE! The REAL
HEALER of the world is LAUGHTER!

DOLL= Anything to add???

BTM= I have always had a deep respect for the Japanese culture
and style. I really appreciate, Izumi from PEFE and Erika
from DOLL giving me a chance to make new FRIENDS in JAPAN.
I hope that DOLL readers will get in contact! THANKS!!!

DOLL MagaZine, Aota Building 3F, 3-1-9, Kouenji-Kita,
Suginamiku, Tokyo, 166, Japan

HHH CD = 18 Bands - 34 Songs - 74 Minutes
Recorded and Mixed by Engineer/Producer