Incantor (circuit-bent human voice synthesizer)
Speak and Math (Texas Intruments)

bent - painted - signed by Reed Ghazala - 2000
now in Bill T Miller's Collection

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Incantors, circuit-bent Speak&Spells, Speak&Reads and Speak&Maths, are prime examples of circuit-bending's power to produce alien music engines. The anti-theory electronics at work within these human voice synthesizers result in a stunning instrument capable of producing literally endless abstract sound sequences to listen to and work with. Incantor aleatoric (chance) music streams are simply intriguing.

The twelve added features include 2 human body contacts (for real-time pitch bending), 3 voice bending switches (for data stream disruptions resulting in chance music and other unexpected results), 3 looping switches (search, hold, and electric eye for shadow-looping with a wave of the hand), pitch/speed dial (allows for super-slow clocking, disintegrating the voices and tones into intricate showers of deep electronic sounds), reset switch (to restore circuit after crashes), gold-plated RCA output (for feeding effects, mixer and amp), speaker switch (for muting the built-in speaker), blue power LED and ultra-bright red envelope LED (envelope LED is hidden inside casing, positioned to flash on player's hands during volume peaks). Requires 4 "C" cells. Speak&Spell version produces the most repeatable sounds, the Speak&Read contains the largest vocabulary and the Speak&Math has the least keypad controls, but also the sharpest voice (though this takes knowing all three to discern, the difference being real but not extreme). All units contain the original blue fluorescent alpha-numeric display and membrane keypad.

tippi incantor

(Incantor Photos by Bill T Miller)

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Reed Ghazala and Bill T Miller
Circuit BENT Festival 2004 - NYC
(Photo by Jon Strymish)

Grooves Magazine - Cover Photo by Bill T Miller
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